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Hi, I'm Leila Pitkänen, entrepreneur in nature-based services.
My sole trader is called Metsänpiika, translated in English Forest Maid.

Welcome to visit our pages and welcome to the nature!

Our location is in the  middle of Finland, just below Kuopio, in Leppävirta village at the lakeside.
We offer you nature tourism in pure Finnish nature through green thinking here in Savo.
Come with your company and choose some of our nature friendly excursions from 

Our Programme Services:
  •  guided tours on trekking trails or nature paths
  •  snowshoeing in Finnish forests or on lake ice
  •  canoeing on the beautiful lake district around the Konnus Canal
  •  visiting in tourist attractions or in deep wilderness
  •  tailored products to the needs of customer
  •  mushroom-picking, berry-picking and herbs-picking
  •  coffee made on the campfire
  •  picnic lunch in the wilderness
        Including to these services you may:
- orienteer with map and compass
- learn everyman's rights in Finland
- identify Finnish flora and fauna
- go fishing with rod and line
- stay overnight in a wind shelter or in a tent
- enjoy our variable climate, bright spring and summer, colourful autumn and white winter
Additionally we can offer you more programme with our partners.

 Our Principles in Nature Tourism:
  •  Respect the nature, be natural
  •  Try to be ecological, make a small carbon footprint
  •  Recycle, be creative
  •  Live reasonably, slow down
  •  Move with your own muscles, use the neighbourhood
  •  Avoid technology, value homespun
  •  Remember joy and equality 
When you get interested in our services and trips so contact us by e-mail: leila@metsanpiika.fi
We are pleased to make your trip succesful and full of experiences!
Pure Finnish nature is inviting you to enjoy!
If you already visit Leppävirta, please call us and ask if we are free at that time to serve you.

tel: +358 (0)40 572 3147, address: Korteharjuntie 45a, 79100 Leppävirta

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